Below are samplings of design and fabrication drawings from my 30+ year career in the sign industry


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.Bank Midwest 2012 Conversion

Photo of double face internally illuminated monument sign from hospital website.
Shopping Center Entrance Signs – Part of set of fabrication drawings based on architects design.
New double face internally illuminated pylon sign.
Four-sided pylon sign for truck dealership.
Two options for proposed bank pole sign.
Double face church monument sign.
Original Design Main Entrance Projecting Sign with Int-Channel Letters – Proposal for Kansas City, KS Native American Casino – Perspective view created using Google Sketch-Up
Proposal for new directional signage
New Exterior Non-Illuminated Wayfinding Signs – Replaces existing signage
Aristocrat Motors Signage Upgrade – Additions to existing internally illuminated monument sign. We provided two options – the customer went with Option 2
Detailed fabrication Drawings for Internally Exterior Entrance Sign – Designed by Kansas City architectural firm, we provided shop drawings for their approval. Drawings were prepared in collaboration with head of fabrication.
Design Options for Existing Sub-Division Entry Sign Upgrade – New non-illuminated panels with dimensional letters and embellishments.
Original Photoshop image for casino restaurant wall graphics.  – Comprised of various stock photos and textures manipulated for an overall composition complimentary to the restaurant’s theme.


Photo from casino website of wallpaper created from original Photoshop images. Comprised of various stock photos and text.
New Internally Illuminated grocery store signage